You choose the machinery, we will take care of the rest


Our Company  is  a worldwide  leader in the  sales,

of second hand machinery used for metal packaging, we offer a wide range of second hand can making machinery for the production of 3-piece cans such as food cans, paint cans and aerosol cans, a wide range of closure making machinery for the production of crown corks, twist off caps, pilfer proof closures, as well as machinery for metal decorating.

Our focus and dedication to the customers and to their projects is what sets us apart from our competitors, being a family owned and operated company the flexible management structure enables us to be very fast in taking decisions in purchases and sales, all decisions will be taken quickly and without any bureaucratic delays.

Our way of doing business is well known, it ensures a solid foundation for long time standing relationship, the combination of both our technical knowledge and our way of doing business is the successful strategy of our company.


What to do by surplus equipment?
You have some machines or a complete line out of order or that you do not use anymore, we offer a consignment program for your surplus machinery.

We offer an estimation made at first by pictures and information and then by an inspection on the site, we are pleased to inspect and audit your surplus machinery, whether it is for the purpose of valuation your machinery for sale at the moment or just to determine a market value of your machinery for a sale, in the next future.

We will work with you to fix a fair and a competitive sale price for your machinery,  a specific valuation per each kind of machinery. 

We will advertise your machines on our website and finally directly to our contacts worldwide.
In case you need extra room at your plant you can move and store your surplus machines to our 5.000 square meters warehouse located in the South of Italy between Naples sea port and Salerno sea port from where we can receive easily machines from all overseas countries.

We already sold many machines and complete lines, through the sale on consignment, both in Italy and abroad, in most of the cases we have successfully sold the machines still installed, managing the dismantling, the packaging and the shipping, some cases we moved the machines to our warehouse to bo sold later.